53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (2023)

With so many things to do for a 21st birthday and so much pressure to make it special, deciding on a memorable 21st birthday party idea for this milestone year can be a challenge.

For those excited to imbibe in alcoholic beverages, there are plenty of boozy 21st birthday party ideas, along with fun activities for non-drinkers.

Do you want to satisfy your inner foodie or relax outdoors? Do you prefer a low-key gathering or an all-out shindig? Your special day should reflect what speaks to you and makes you smile.

To help you create a celebration that is as unique and unforgettable as you are, here are 53 21st birthday party ideas for a memorable celebration.

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21st Birthday Party Ideas for Foodies

1. Sign up for a Cooking Class

This 21st birthday party idea will level up your skills in the kitchen with a live cooking class. From making authentic pasta to rolling fresh sushi, there are classes available to suit every taste.

Find interactivecooking classes in Baltimore, cooking classes in San Diego,cooking classes in Denverand beyond. Browse allcooking classes near you today and learn a skill that will get you through those I-don’t-know-what-to-make-for-dinner kind of nights.

2. Go on a Wine Tasting

Now that you’re 21, take some time to learn the finer points of tasting and sipping wine from the region or all around the world. Explore the delicate flavor profiles, discover food pairings for different varieties and get a little tipsy at a local vineyard with this fun and classy 21st birthday party idea.

3. Take a Brewery, Distillery or Winery Tour

Breweries, distilleries and wineries often offer tours of their facilities (sometimes with free samples!) that are a fascinating look into how these libations are created. Following the process from harvest to fermentation to final product builds an appreciation for these delightful beverages.

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (3)

4. Go on a Food Tour

Explore your city while filling your belly on a food tour on this adventurous 21st birthday party idea. Discover hidden gems and hotspots as you stroll through town learning about local history and gaining a new perspective of your city.

5. Celebrate With Brunch

Brunch really is the best of both worlds, bringing together sweet and savory in a smorgasbord of delicious bites. For a low-key 21st birthday party idea, host a brunch with a spread of your favorite dishes or reserve a table at your go-to restaurant.

For a boozy brunch, don’t forget the bloody marys and bottomless mimosas!

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (4)

6. Celebrate With a Fancy Dinner

Treat yourself with dinner at that fancy restaurant you’ve been wanting to visit. Get dressed in your dinner best and savor each bite as you expand your palate with gastronomic delights. Or, learn to create your own fancy dinners at home with cooking classes in Chicago, cooking classes in Dallas or whatever city you call home!

7. Have a Fondue Night

Gather your friends and your fondue forks for a night of oozy cheese and/or melty chocolate with plenty of accoutrements like breads, fruits, vegetables and desserts for this retro 21st birthday party idea. If you dig the 60s vibe, go all out and make it a themed party. Yeah, baby!

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (5)

8. 21 Favorite Foods Party

A unique 21st birthday party idea, especially for a foodie, is the 21 Favorite Foods Party. Celebrate your 21st year with a buffet of 21 of your favorite foods.

They could be nostalgic snacks from childhood, family recipes you love or your current go-to dishes. Anyone else thinking ants on a log and Dunkaroos?

9. Bar Crawl

Level up the average 21st birthday party idea with a curated bar crawl. Hop from hotspot to hole-in-the-wall venues sampling drafts and chatting with locals. If spooky stories strike your fancy, sign up for a haunted bar crawl for an unforgettable night of scares and spirits.

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53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (6)

10. Go to a Dinner Theater Show

From murder mysteries to medieval tournaments, there are dinner shows of every theme. For this 21st birthday party idea, get in character and solve the clues or cheer for your favorite knight for an entertaining evening of celebration. Don’t forget to let them know it’s your birthday!

21st Birthday Party Ideas for Guys

11. Head Out to a Sporting Event

Gather your friends and head to a game for a fun and exciting 21st birthday party idea for the guys. Bring a cooler and some chairs for a pre-game tailgate before heading into the stadium to cheer on your favorite team.

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (7)

12. Play Laser Tag

Throw it back to the days of laser tag and arcades with some friendly competition. This 21st birthday idea will keep you young at heart. Loser buys a round for the group!

13. Host a Cornhole Tournament

Challenge some friends to a cornhole tournament and other backyard games like beer pong or ladder toss. Don’t forget plenty of snacks and a cooler full of drinks for a laid back 21st birthday party.

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (8)

14. Have a Casino Night

For a fun and relaxed 21st birthday party with the guys, break out the dice and shuffle the deck. Round up your friends for a night of poker, blackjack and your favorite casino games.

15. Have an Adventure Day

Get your adrenaline pumping with a day of adventure activities like bungee jumping, rock climbing, white water rafting or sky-diving. This is a 21st birthday party idea sure to be remembered.

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (9)

16. Practice Axe-Throwing

There’s something incredibly satisfying about hefting an axe into a piece of wood. This exciting 21st birthday party idea for guys will have you spending the day practicing your aim and getting a good arm workout.

17. Sign up for a Mud Run

Grab your crew and sign up for a mud run or adventure race. Just because you’re 21 doesn’t mean you’re too old to play in the dirt. Crawling through mud, climbing over walls and jumping over fire will definitely earn you that post-race pint of beer.

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (10)

18. Go Paintballing

For this 21st birthday party idea, break out the camouflage and get your stealth on as you combat your friends in the paintball arena.

21st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

19. Try Art Classes

Get the creative juices flowing with fun, interactive art classes for a 21st birthday party idea for girls to commemorate this special day.

Or learn a new skill from home with online photography classes, online painting classes or online drawing classes. Tons of fun options are available to help make your birthday memorable as professional artists guide you to creating a beautiful keepsake.

For the drinking creative crowd, try fun paint and sip in Los Angeles, paint and sip in Orange County, paint and sip in NYC, or paint and sip near you and let your creativity run wild!

20. Try Virtual Flower Arranging Classes

Here is a 21st birthday party idea for the plant lovers out there: virtual flower arrangingclasses! Learn to create stunning centerpieces, wreaths or arrangements that will add some life and a pop of color to any space. Take away a beautiful bouquet and a fun new hobby.

21. Take a Spa Day

There are few things more luxurious than a day of pampering at the spa. Splurge on a spa package of massages, facials and manicures or choose the services you enjoy the most.

For a budget-friendly 21st birthday party idea, pick up some sheet masks and your favorite nail color for a DIY spa day with friends. Start your 21st year feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (12)

22. Have a Photo Shoot Day

Become a supermodel for a day with this 21st birthday party idea. Hire a professional photographer to snap glam photos solo or share the spotlight with your fabulous friends.

Choose your favorite outfits, get your hair and nails done and practice your best model poses for a fun afternoon with plenty of mementos to commemorate the day!

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23. Take a Fitness Class

Break a sweat and step out of your comfort zone with a challenging fitness class.

Sign up for a sultry burlesque or pole dancing class to strengthen your muscles and boost your confidence. Maybe aerial silks, kickboxing or barre is more your style. Whatever you choose, push yourself to try something new and have a great time!

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (13)

24. Have a Pajama Party

Throw it back to the slumber parties of middle school with a grown-up twist with this 21st birthday party idea.

Put on your favorite pajamas, queue up your favorite rom-coms, stock up on snacks and enjoy a night with your favorite gals playing truth or dare, braiding each others’ hair and laughing all night long.

25. Go on a Shopping Spree

Update your style for this new phase of life with a shopping spree! Plan a route around your favorite stores and maybe a few you’ve been wanting to stop by, and don’t forget to check for freebies and discounts. The birthday girl can spend the day hand-picking her own 21st birthday gift ideas.

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (14)

26. Enjoy an Afternoon of High Tea

Gather your ladies for a 21st birthday party idea worthy of the high society of Bridgerton. Although typically a British tradition, cafés and tea rooms serving elaborate spreads of delicate sandwiches, cakes and hot dishes along with dozens of varieties of tea have popped up all around the United States.

An elgegant afternoon of sweet and savory bites while sipping on soothing hot tea is a perfect 21st birthday party idea for her.

21st Birthday Party Ideas at Home

27. Try an Online Cooking Class

Celebrating a milestone can be challenging with friends and family unable to gather together in person. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, this 21st birthday party idea allows you to celebrate together from practically anywhere.

Online activities like online cooking classes create a fun atmosphere to enjoy time together even across physical distances. Learn about the best Zoom cooking classes of 2022, where you will learn a valuable new skill from the comfort of your own kitchen.

28. Have a Virtual Wine Tasting

Become a wine aficionado from your own home with avirtual wine tasting. Celebrate your 21st year by sipping on wine guided by an experienced sommelier teaching you the subtle differences between varietals. You can even experiment with food pairings with snacks from your own pantry!

29. Try an Online Mixology Class

Now that you are of legal drinking age, practice your bartending skills and learn the stories behind classic cocktails with an online mixology class. Learn about the tools, techniques and flavor combinations that will have you creating your own signature drinks in no time!

30. Try an Online Coffee Class

This 21st birthday party idea is for the coffee lovers! An online coffee class will turn your kitchen into your new favorite café as you learn from knowledgeable baristas.

From roasting your own beans to brewing and pouring the perfect cup, this unique experience is sure to level up your morning routine.

31. Throw a House Party

If you love to be the host(ess) with the most, gather your friends for a classic house party! You can keep it low-key or go full out for this classic 21st birthday party idea.

Queue up your favorite playlist or hire a DJ, set out your favorite snacks and games (beer pong, anyone?) and make it a night to remember.

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (17)

32. Throw a Themed Party

Put a unique spin on your house party with a fun theme. From togas to Gatsby, there are so many options to make it your own. Get creative with themed decorations, food and activities to transport your guests into your unique vision.

Outdoor 21st Birthday Party Ideas

33. Go to a Concert or Music Festival

Dance the night away at a concert or music festival. Find a band you love playing nearby, check out a local music festival or discover an up and coming musician. Gather your crew and let loose as you get your groove on under the stage lights.

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53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (18)

34. Go on a Road Trip

Let your spontaneity shine with a road trip! Enjoy the journey as you crank up the tunes, roll down the windows and savor the open road with this unforgettable 21st birthday party idea.

35. Go Camping or Glamping

Enjoy some fresh air, starry nights and the glow of the fire on a camping trip! Connect with nature as you hike the trails or paddle the waterways on this low-key and cost effective 21st birthday party idea.

If roughing it is not your thing, give glamping a try for a taste of nature with a few more creature comforts.

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (19)

36. Book a Day Cruise

If you live near a body of water, rent a boat for the day for an exceptional experience gift! Lounge on the deck with your friends as you cruise through the day. For those wanting to imbibe, make it a booze cruise with plenty of your favorite cocktails to sip along the way.

37. Throw a Pool Party

Cool down with a leisurely day (or night) in the pool! Break out your favorite bathing suit, games and inflatables and make a splash!

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (20)

38. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Challenging your friends to a scavenger hunt around the city is an exciting 21st birthday party idea to get you outside and exploring! Create your own plan, choose a meeting place at the end of the route and enjoy the hilarious pictures from the day.

39. Go to a Theme Park or Amusement Park

As you stand on the brink of adulthood, channel your inner child at your favorite theme park or amusement park. Enjoy treats like funnel cakes or giant pretzels while you stroll through the park. Feel the exhilaration as you jump on rides and rollercoasters, and don’t forget to take lots of photos!

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (21)

40. Have a Bonfire

For a laid back 21st birthday party idea, celebrate with a classic bonfire. Gather your friends, put on some good music and don’t forget the s’mores! There’s something so relaxing about sitting by a flickering fire, chatting with friends and enjoying the night sky.

41. Host an Outdoor Movie Night

If the weather is nice, pop on the projector in the backyard or rent a blow up screen for an outdoor movie marathon. Spread out some chairs and plenty of warm blankets and pillows to lounge on along with your favorite movie theater snacks like candy, soda, and of course, hot, buttery popcorn!

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (22)

42. Have a Picnic in the Park

Enjoy a picturesque picnic in the park to celebrate your special day! Choose your favorite green space to settle into, then pack your basket with a cozy blanket, delicious snacks and a nice bottle of wine.

For this 21st birthday party idea, you can choose to keep it intimate or invite your friends to bring a dish and make it a potluck!

21st Birthday Party Ideas for Non-Drinkers

43. Try Dance Classes

Show off your best moves and learn some new ones with dance classes in Orlando, dance classes in Los Angeles or dance classes in San Diego.Grab a partner to take on the ballroom or let loose with a salsa lesson.

If your party guests are spread far and wide or if you'd rather get your groove on from home, give online dance classes a try! Whether you’re starting with the basic steps or ready to take on a choreographed routine, this 21st birthday party idea will get you moving and having a great time!

44. Host a Game Night

Bingo! This 21st birthday party idea is a tried and true crowd-pleaser. Gather your friends and a stack of your favorite games for hours of fun and friendly competition.

From traditional board games to group game apps like Jackbox, challenge your friends for prizes or bragging rights. Can’t get everyone in the same place? Sign up for a virtual game night led by entertaining hosts that will guide your crew through trivia, bingo, game shows and more.

You can even sign up for a virtual scavenger hunt for some next-level competition. This one is sure to leave you with some hilarious stories to share throughout the years.

45. Do Karaoke

Take center stage at a night of karaoke for this show-stopping 21st birthday party idea! Belt out your favorite tunes for the crowd or rent a private karaoke room if you’re feeling a little stage shy. Get your friends to show off their moves as your back up dancers for a truly unforgettable performance.

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53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (24)

46. See a Show

Grab some tickets for a night at the theater! Browse local venues to see events on or around your birthday.

Whether you prefer to take in a musical, a drama, a comedy show or a ballet performance, there are plenty of options to choose from. Get your tickets early for good seats, then sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

If you really want to take the drama up a notch, why not be the star of your own show with acting classes? With in-person and online acting classes, you and your entourage will be center stage!

47. Get a Psychic Reading

The future can seem uncertain at 21 years old. Get a glimpse into what yours might hold at a psychic reading. Watch your fortune teller interpret the lines on your palm and decipher your tarot cards for a peek into what might be in store for the years to come.

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (25)

48. Enjoy an Art Crawl, Museum or Gallery

Add a dose of culture with this non-alcoholic 21st birthday party idea. Support local artists as you peruse an art crawl or gallery. You might even come home with a new signature piece for your wall. History buffs might want to take in a museum, discovering local stories or exploring a traveling exhibit.

49. Volunteer

Although birthdays tend to put the spotlight on the guest of honor, some prefer to spread the love. Get that warm, fuzzy feeling by spending your special day volunteering.

Sites like VolunteerMatch help you find volunteer opportunities in your area! Whether reading to kids at the local library, caring for animals at the shelter or serving meals at a soup kitchen, this non-alcoholic 21st birthday party idea is sure to be an impactful occasion.

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (26)

50. Go to a Roller Rink or Roller Derby

Throw it back to simpler times at the roller rink! Strap on some skates as you cruise to your favorite tunes and skate the night away. Looking for something a bit more lively? Check out a roller derby tournament and cheer on your favorite skater.

51. Take on an Escape Room

Put your detective skills to the test in an escape room! Show off your smarts as you solve the clues and complete tasks, working together with your friends to beat the clock and escape to freedom.

Choose your favorite themed adventure or tackle a few for this 21st birthday party idea. If you want all the adventure from the comfort of you home, try a virtual escape room.

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (27)

52. Check Off Your Bucket List

It’s never too early to start checking off items from your bucket list! If you don’t have one yet, it’s the perfect time to make one.

For a meaningful 21st birthday party idea, write down all of the places you want to go, activities you want to try, foods you want to eat, skills you want to learn and experiences you want to have.

Learn the culinary culture of a new city with cooking classes in NYC, cooking classes in Seattle or cooking classes in Boston. Choose some activities from your list and try to check off as many as you can in a day!

53. Have a DIY Crafting Party

Crafting is no longer just for knitters and scrapbookers. DIY classes can range from jewelry-making to glass blowing classes to woodworking classes, even sewing classes and so much more!

Browse pottery classes in San Diego, pottery classes in San Francisco, pottery classes in Boston or pottery classes near you. Find inspiration for a craft that you would like to take on, gather your supplies and let your creativity flow.

Have fun encouraging each other through the process and admiring each others’ finished products for this unique 21st birthday party idea.

53 21st Birthday Party Ideas Beyond the Bar (28)

No matter which 21st birthday party idea you choose, this special moment in your life should be one you remember for years to come.

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Turning 21 marks a stepping stone into adulthood that highlights the person you have grown to be, so celebrate by doing what makes you happy. Which of these ideas are inspiring your next event?

For even more fun party ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!


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