Admitted Student Events Just for #NYU2027! (2024)

Published March 28, 2023

By Bryce Weinert Bryce Weinert

Admitted Students

Hey! WOW! You did it! Congratulations, Class of 2027!

Your journey has already been a long one. All that research and investigation to figure out what university is the best fit for your unique needs and dreams. Then came the intense application process. And finally, the waiting waiting waiting until you could finally click on your admissions decision. You’ve come so far, and now, you’re almost there!

Throughout the month of April, NYU wants to join you on the last leg of your journey. We’ve planned a variety of events and experiences to help you imagine what your life will look like as an NYU student. From academics to student residence hall tours, from Student Success to hanging out–we want you to get a sense of everything NYU has to offer!


Every journey needs a guide. Yours is going to be the Admitted Student Portal! This is the place you’ll be able to register for all the in-person and virtual events going on throughout the month of April. You’ll be able to build out your calendar, view recordings of sessions, and easily keep track of everything going on!

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Weekend on the Square is going to be like your favorite class, a block party, a TED talk, and a support group…. All rolled into one! There’s so much going on that we can’t fit everything into this article! So enjoy these highlights and know that there’s going to be SO MUCH MORE!

Want a sneak preview of what to expect from our in-person welcome event? Check out these TikToks from our Home For The Weekend celebration from last year!

@meetnyu Our admitted students events are just the beginning. It’s all here waiting for you, Future Violets. 💜 #nyuhomefortheweekend #nyu2026 #nyuclassof2026 #nyu #college #collegelife #newyorkuniversity #@New York University edutok #nyc ♬ original sound – NYU Admissions
@meetnyu We loved having you on campus! Welcome home future violets!! 🥺💜 #nyu2026 #homefortheweekend #college #edutok ♬ original sound – r🌠

School Spotlights

School Spotlights provide you with your first chance to dive into NYU’s academia and learn all your specific program and major. You’ll hear from faculty, current students, and even get some face time with your dean. Academics are the biggest part of why you picked NYU, right? So this is one session you will want to attend!

Beyond the Classroom

But we know there’s more to college life than the research and tests and we want to make sure you get a chance to experience a bit of it all!

You can’t sleep in the library every night, so think about checking out a Room Show at one of NYU’s many residence halls. Find out which ones have the best bathrooms, where the best dining halls are, and which ones guarantee you a five-minute walk to class when you sleep through your alarm. (Also, you can get a sneak peek with this TikTok playlist.)

You’ll also have a chance to get some great advice during a Money Matters session where NYU’s experts give you a crash course in financial literacy and how to thrive on a student budget.

The NYU Trailblazers Series is like the best TED Talk you’ve ever binged on YouTube, but with some of the academics you might be sitting in front of next year. Do you want to know more about how video games are transforming education? How about how theater can be used to advocate for political change? Maybe just advice from an expert on time management and organization? You may want to skip everything else just to find out more!

There’s so much going on during Weekend on the Square we can barely fit it in this article! So here’s a no-context preview:

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If you can’t make the trip to NYC for Weekend on the Square, don’t worry: We’ll come to you! We’re planning a ton of virtual events throughout the month to help learn more about NYU! We’ll be hosting webinars that feature panels of current students so you can hear what the university is like from the people who know it best! We’ll also be hosting virtual versions of a lot of out Weekend on the Square programming, from Money Matters talks to a breakdown of Residential Life!

And on three Fridays in April, we’re hosting “Meet Us @ the Square,” which will include a student-hosted panel and special campus tour.

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We’re going to say it one more time: Congratulations, Class of 2027! You’ve come a long way and we’re so excited to be part of the next stage of your journey. We know you’re going to go to amazing places. First NYU…. then ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE!

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Admitted Students

Admitted Student Events Just for #NYU2027! (2024)
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