capello CR2W : User guide (2024)

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capello CR2W : User guide (11)

CR2W user guide

S.A.M.E. Technology

local weather emergency information

NOAA Weather Channels

weather band plus all hazards alerts

Safe & Sound

Weather Alert Clock Radio

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capello CR2W : User guide (2024)


How do I know if my Capello alarm clock is on AM or PM? ›

The Light on the bottom right hand corner means it is pm.

How do you set the clock on a Capello modern mantle? ›

A: On the back of the clock, press and hold the Time Set button. The hour digits will flash; press + or - to set the hours. Press and hold Time Set button again to set the minutes. Press Time Set one last time to exit the setup.

How to make a capello alarm clock brighter? ›

For the dimmer (and the snooze), you press down on the top of the clock. Pressing down on the top will activate the small switches on the bottom of the clock to adjust the brightness or snooze the alarm.

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