Chemicals in Glass Cleaner & Glass Ingredients (2024)

Regardless of your homemade window cleaning contents, please realize that these natural blends will have limited cleaning power. It’s fine to use them on light-duty applications. But for serious situations, you’re going to need a window cleaner with one of the big boosting ingredients, which are still safe if used properly and by the right guidelines.

We are part of the worldwide chemical supply group. We distribute more than 10,000 products to leading manufacturers like S.C. Johnson, the makers of Windex®. Globally, we employs 16,000 workers who connect ingredient manufacturers with ingredient users.

We take pride in supporting our customers with custom distribution solutions for specialty industrial ingredients. We have longstanding experience in ingredient sales and supply through our networks of 5,000 experts. We offer specific application technology and give extensive technical support along with value-added services, and we always remain conscious of both safety and environmental standards with our products.

Chemicals in Glass Cleaner & Glass Ingredients (2024)
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