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This is such an easy decadent dessert to make and the best part about it is that it does not require much time to set in the fridge. I work on about 3 hours. :)

ThermoFun – Chocolate Mousse Recipe

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Chocolate Mousse Recipe - ThermoFun - ThermoFun | Thermomix Recipes & Tips (2)


  • 50g raw sugar
  • 250g milk chocolate, melts
  • 130g milk
  • 500g thickened cream


  1. Place sugar into TM bowl and mill 3 sec / speed 9. Set aside.
  2. Place chocolate into TM bowl and grate 10 sec / speed 8.
  3. Add milk 2 mins / 50°C / speed 1. Scrape down and repeat. Set aside in a bowl.
    No need to wash TM bowl.
  4. Insert butterfly. Add cream and sugar and mix 1 min / speed 3 / MC off.
    NB: the time depends on the temperature and freshness of the cream) . Watch the video to see the right consistency.

Chocolate Mousse

  1. Gently fold whipped cream through the chocolate mix (in the separate bowl that you have set aside, with aid of spatula), and then pipe immediately into individual bowls or pour into one large bowl.
  2. Allow to set in fridge for a few hours.
  3. Decorate with whipped cream and grated chocolate.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Kay says

    I forgot to set the chocolate aside and poured the cream in.. with patience and checking constantly I still achieved the right result and I'm glad I made this while the kids were at school.. I got to lick the butterfly and the bowl!


  2. Anne says

    Made this with some "use by" cheaper cream. Was easy to make and when I tasted from the spatula really good. I saw Kirrily's tip and milled the sugar first. Mine looks a little "grainy" as the cream needed extra whipping time - still tasted yummy will decorate with strawberries and offer marshmallows.


  3. Kirrilly says

    I have never made this with thickened cream (as I don't buy it) - worked every time.
    Bowl licking good!


  4. Nalini says

    What is raw sugar please? The video looked like white sugar ?caster ?normal white sugar? Many thanks


    • thermofun says

      Hi Nalini, I use raw sugar which is cane sugar which has been minimally processed. Normal white sugar or caster sugar would work too.


  5. Felicity says

    Do I use thickened cream or whipping cream and do I need to clean bowl in between


    • thermofun says

      Felicity - use thickened cream and no need to clean the bowl in between steps. Enjoy! :)


  6. Steph says

    Made this one tonight with white chocolate and it was lovely. Did not need the extra sugar.

    Thank you for the lovely recipe.


  7. Pam Nelson says

    Wow - I was issued a chocolate mousse challenge by a friend as she is struggling to find one she likes. This was the first one -I love the four ingredients but only had two so I substituted caramel chips for the chocolate and I used yoghurt instead of cream BUT even still it is amazing! And accidentally healthier (or less fatty) and is super yummy! Your recipe was easy to follow!


    • thermofun says

      I'm pleased to hear you liked it Pam - what a great idea using yoghurt instead of cream too! :)


  8. Tania Lee says

    This is my go to Choccy Mousse recipe. It's good to watch the video, but it's very easy! I sometimes put half milk and half dark chocolate to give an extra kick of chocolate flavour. I've even tried it with White Chocolate. Refrigerate a couple hours before serving if you can. A delicious treat! Thx!


    • thermofun says

      Thanks Tania - yes this is a great recipe too I find if I am short on time, as it doesn't need much time to set. :)


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Chocolate Mousse Recipe - ThermoFun - ThermoFun | Thermomix Recipes & Tips (2024)
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