Looking for a Great Boozy Gift? Flaviar's Spirits Subscription Box Could Be It (2023)

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Looking for a Great Boozy Gift? Flaviar's Spirits Subscription Box Could Be It (1)

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Danny Jensen

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Looking for a Great Boozy Gift? Flaviar's Spirits Subscription Box Could Be It (3)

The Spirits of the Season

As many of our favorite bars and restaurants are closed temporarily (or, in too many cases, permanently) due to the pandemic, those of us who enjoy a good stiff drinkor an imaginative cocktailhave had to turn to our home bars for a stay-at-home happy hour. To keep those tipples interesting, and to avoid splurging on a bottle that ultimately winds up gathering dust, the subscription service Flaviaroffers a “try-before-you-buy” type of membership, as well as gift sets, that allows you to sample a wide range of craft and premium spirits and order full-sized bottles delivered to your front door.

(Video) First Flaviar Subscription Box Unboxing!

It's a service that's gotten a lot of interest from our readers, so we decided to depart from our usual policy and accept a sample membership from Flaviar to try the subscription ourselves. This review is not a paid endorsement, however, and all opinions and assessments in this article are entirely our own.

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The following content is intended for readers 21+ only. Please drink responsibly. If you or someone you know is dealing with alcohol or substance abuse, please get help. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's National Helplineat 1-800-662-HELP (4357) offers a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders.

How Does Flaviar Work?

Flaviar offers a few different options for conveniently delivered booze. Whether you’re gifting a subscriptionor treating yourself, you can choose either a half-year membership or a full-year membership. The membership includes quarterly shipments (two for the half-year and four for the full-year) of a member-selected full-sized bottle of alcohol, along with a pre-selected themed tasting box of three 1.5 ounce glass vials of spirits. The tasting box includes a trio of a particular spirit from different distilleries or a variety of spirits that feature a particular flavor profile, theme (e.g. Hemingway’s favorite spirits), or region. As a member, you also receive plenty of other perks, including free shipping on additional bottles, access to exclusive spirits, online events, and more — all of which we’ll get into later.

Flaviar also offers the option to send one-time gift sets that include their 1.5-ounce themed tasting trios.

Looking for a Great Boozy Gift? Flaviar's Spirits Subscription Box Could Be It (5)

How Much Is Flaviar?

Flaviar offers both a half-year membership for $190 or a full year for $300 (saving $80). It may seem a bit of a splurge, but as you’ll see, the membership includes plenty of other benefits, in addition to the quarterly shipments of a full-sized bottle and tasting box, that may make it worth the price for some.

The gift sets, meanwhile, which include a tasting box of the three 1.5-ounce vials, range in price from around $29 to $42 — offering a lower bar of commitment just without the added perks and full-sized bottles.

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Looking for a Great Boozy Gift? Flaviar's Spirits Subscription Box Could Be It (6)

(Video) Curious About Trying Flaviar? Watch this first!

Selecting the Tasting Boxes and Full-Size Bottle

While most subscription box-type gifts don’t allow you to pre-select what’s going to be sent, Flaviar kindly does. The member pre-selects their quarterly tasting box and full-sized bottle from a wide variety of options — including everything from bourbon and Scotch to rum, gin, vodka, tequila, mezcal, brandy, and more, as well as the themed boxes mentioned above that feature different types of liquor. Allowing the recipient to pick out their bottles and boxes conveniently takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out exactly what to give someone. It also sidesteps the tricky rules and regulations of trying to ship alcohol across state lines yourself.

To get you started, Flaviar first asks a few questions to find out which spirits you tend to prefer and which producers you’ve heard of or tried. This just helps to prioritize your preferences, but you’ll still be able to explore all of the spirits available.

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Looking for a Great Boozy Gift? Flaviar's Spirits Subscription Box Could Be It (7)

What Options Are Available?

Some of the many options available for the intriguing tasting boxesthat are currently available include American-made single malt whiskies, rums from under-the-radar producing countries, a variety of spirits from South America, and a mix of smoky spirits, including gin, vodka, and grappa. To help you make your selection, Flaviar offers detailed descriptions of each box and the spirits included, and you can also check out reviews and ratings from other members.

The full-sized bottle options are extensiveand can be sorted by spirit, as well as new arrivals and Flaviar classics. While even the casual imbiber may recognize some of the producers, you’re likely to find varieties and special releases, along with plenty of unfamiliar producers, that you’d be hard-pressed to find in most local liquor stores. As with the tasting boxes, Flaviar includes detailed descriptions of each spirit, ratings from other members, and helpful illustrations of the tasting notes known as the “Flavor Spiral.”

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Looking for a Great Boozy Gift? Flaviar's Spirits Subscription Box Could Be It (8)

My First Shipment

To kick things off for my membership, I selected the “Mezcalistas” tasting box and a full-sized bottle of Ron Colón Salvadoreño dark aged rum. My wife and I have been wanting to try out more mezcals, since there are so many variations, not only regionally, but also ones that utilize different agave plants and distillation techniques. This way we were able to try a few different options without investing in a full-size bottle that we might not be crazy about.

My box, a very stylishly appointed cylinder, included Rey Campero Espadín, Alipus San Baltazar Joven, and Vago Elote (which is infused with roasted corn during the distillation process) — all mezcals that wouldn’t normally be available as a tasting flight outside of maybe a high-end bar. The box included a ceramic coaster and circular cards with useful tasting notes for each selection, featuring descriptions and illustrations such as “ripe banana,” “nutty,” “vegetal,” and even “marshmallow.” It was helpful to sip each one and compare the notes on the card with my own first impressions. Each really stood out with its own unique characteristics — distinct from other mezcals I've tried — but the corn-distilled Vago Elote was probably the most memorable.

Meanwhile, the high-proof — yet surprisingly smooth with notes of tropical fruits — Ron Colón was also a treat to expand my home bar with an award-winning rum from one of the less commonly known rum-producing countries, El Salvador.

(Video) Flaviar UNBOXING, Is the Subscription Liquor Box WORTH IT?

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Looking for a Great Boozy Gift? Flaviar's Spirits Subscription Box Could Be It (9)

My Second Shipment

For my second quarterly shipment, I opted for the “Peat it! Peat it! Vol. 2,” featuring peated Scotch whiskies, along with a bottle of Ten to One Caribbean dark rum. I’m already a fan of smoky, peated Scotches, but had primarily tried only the big names, Ardbeg and Laphroaig, so I was excited at the prospect of trying labels that aren’t as widely available. Also, my wife isn’t crazy about Scotch, and even less so for the smoky varieties, so the tasting box offered an excellent opportunity to try out a few before purchasing a bottle that I would be stuck with myself.

I was definitely pleased with my selection, which included Kilchoman Sanaig, The Peat Monster from Compass Box, and Port Askaig. They all delivered on that smoky, peaty goodness that I enjoy, but each offered a distinguishing profile from dried fruits and white chocolate to hay, lemon zest, and port.

The Ten to One rum, which features a blend of Caribbean rums from Barbados, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Trinidad, was also a winner for both myself and my wife. The well-balanced rum plays well in cocktails, but can also stand on its own neat or on the rocks.

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Looking for a Great Boozy Gift? Flaviar's Spirits Subscription Box Could Be It (10)

What I Liked About Flaviar

One of my favorite aspects of the Flaviar membershipis the tasting boxes, which gave me a chance to try spirits that I wouldn’t likely have had access to otherwise. These aren’t options that you could find in those mini bottles at the corner liquor store. Unless you’re lucky enough to get invited to an exclusive tasting event or tour a distillery — which in most cases is not an option these days — the tasting boxes offer a rare opportunity to sample premium spirits from around the world. This way you can find out which spirits you enjoy and which are worth committing to with a full-size bottle. The boxes are also thoughtfully grouped, and the included tasting note cards give you a chance to have your own tasting session and to further educate your palate.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to discover bottles that I might not have otherwise learned about or encountered. I’m fairly adventurous when it comes to exploring spirits — my wife and I love visiting distilleries when we travel, we often ask bartenders for recommendations, and I occasionally write about them — but I found plenty of options on Flaviar that I had never even heard of. Receiving a bottle of one of these spirits every quarter is a great way to further diversify my home bar.

Looking for a Great Boozy Gift? Flaviar's Spirits Subscription Box Could Be It (11)

What Could Be Improved

As much as I enjoyed receiving a doorstep delivery with both the tasting box and full-sized bottle, I think it would be great to have the chance to receive a tasting box first, before committing to a full-size bottle. Obviously, you can use your tasting box to inform which bottle you choose for the following shipment, but it might be nice to stagger the deliveries to help your decision-making process.

One aspect of Flaviar that I really appreciate is the spotlight they place on small craft distilleries by making their products available for purchase as well as sharing their stories. I’d love to see them go even further to highlight more craft distillers, particularly smaller, upstart businesses that could really use the attention — particularly now. It would also be great if they could offer tasting boxes that highlighted the craft distilleries specifically (many are included in boxes, just alongside bigger distillers), perhaps grouping by region, spirit, or style. Since many of these smaller distillers have a more limited supply than the bigger outfits, perhaps Flaviar could offer limited-time-only bottles to members similar to how they offer members access to really high-end whiskies from The Vaultonce a month.

Cocktail kits would also be a great addition to the Flaviar offerings. Perhaps they could pair a tasting box or bottle with craft mixers, bitters, garnishes, and more. The kits would make for a great gift or a mini-tutorial for those looking to sharpen their cocktail game.

(Video) A Year with FLAVIAR - Why I left, and why you should stay at this whiskey club
Looking for a Great Boozy Gift? Flaviar's Spirits Subscription Box Could Be It (12)

Is Flaviar Worth It?

The pandemic has certainly forced many of us to reassess our budgets, so considering a premium spirits membership service is not necessarily going to be on the table for everyone. But for those with the means to gift Flaviar or to become a member themselves, I can say that the value is worth the investment. For $190 with a half-year membership or $300 for the year (which is obviously the better deal if you can make the commitment), you’re not only getting quarterly shipments with a bottle that retails for around $40 to $60 (and might be hard to find elsewhere) and a tasting box of spirits that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, you’re also getting plenty of other perks.

Flaviar offers free shipping to members on orders over $60, so you can order bottles and tasting boxes to your heart’s content. You’ll also have access to purchase rare, high-end spirits, including special releases from distilleries, as well as members-only private bottlings. The educational resources for members are also pretty extensive and include virtual tastings (and live events during normal times) and the School of Spirits, online video and text lessons that are unlocked as your membership progresses. They also have a great referral program, which gives you a $50 credit for every friend that signs up.

Flaviar may not be for everyone. If you’re looking for a discount spirits club, you’ll want to look elsewhere. And if you’re a hardcore spirits enthusiast who is only looking for impossibly rare bottles, your thirst may not be quenched here. But if you — or someone on your gift list — are in search of a great way to expand your home bar and to educate your palate with some top-notch spirits, Flaviar is definitely a membership to consider.

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How does Flaviar gift work? ›

Your giftee gets to choose any number or combination of deliveries they please throughout the 2-year period: 3 Tasting Boxes and 2 bottles straight away, 1 Tasting Box and 2 bottles at the end of the year, 4 bottles the next year... you get the idea.

How do alcohol subscription boxes work? ›

An Alcohol Subscription Box/or Liquor of the Month Club is a spirits-themed service membership that delivers a full-sized bottle or samples to your door at regular intervals, usually monthly or quarterly. At Taster's Club, we ship a full-sized bottle to each member once a month.

How much does a Flaviar membership cost? ›

Learn more. Flaviar is an online spirits club for people who want to explore whiskey, vodka, tequila, and more. Membership ($349/year or $109/quarter) includes a Tasting Box of samples and a full-sized bottle. Members can also access Flaviar's reviews, articles, and rare collections.

Does Flaviar deliver monthly? ›

The Monthly Membership: Choose 1 Tasting Box or bottle to be delivered to you each month. You'll be charged every month. The 3-Month Membership: Choose 2 Tasting Boxes or bottles to be delivered to you whenever you like.

Can I buy from Flaviar without a membership? ›

However, it's unfortunate that Flaviar doesn't allow you to just buy tasting boxes without being forced to subscribe, that they essentially force you to buy a bottle every quarter, and that they no longer allow you to “skip” a month/quarter without paying.

Is a subscription box worth it? ›

However, if you just want to try new things, yes, subscription boxes are worth it. They are meant to be fun and provide a convenient service. Subscription boxes are an easy way to do something nice for yourself or someone else in your life, or to try something new, and that's always a good thing.

Is gifting alcohol good? ›

Alcohol is generally a welcome gift. It's viewed as something associated with prestige or class. You rarely need to sweat over giving someone alcohol because even if they don't drink regularly, they may take a glass or two during special occasions.

Do subscription boxes save money? ›

One of the biggest perks of using subscription services for household items, groceries, and more is the potential to save money. That's because a lot of these services offer discounted prices on items compared to what you'd pay in store, and often you'll find the longer your subscription terms, the more you can save.

How big are Flaviar samples? ›

Our themed Tasting Boxes are the stuff of legends—legendary Spirits, that is! They contain three 1.7 oz (50 ml) high-quality glass vials filled with our selection of curated Spirits, ranging from big brands to craft distillers, neatly packaged inside a beautiful box, each with a collectible concrete coaster.

Who owns Flaviar? ›

Grisa Soba - Founder at Flaviar - Flaviar | LinkedIn.

Are whiskey clubs worth it? ›

For those who want to become a more serious whiskey connoisseur, joining a whiskey club is a no-brainer, especially when you consider that you'll be getting an insider's price on valuable spirits.

Is Flaviar safe? ›

In short, the Flaviar spirits club is not a scam, and it's definitely legit!

How many subscribers does Flaviar have? ›

Flaviar reviews for 2022 reveal there are over 20,000 bottles to try. Plus, you'll join a community of 850,000 members.

Where is Flaviar based? ›

Flaviar was founded in 2012. Where is Flaviar's headquarters? Flaviar's headquarters is located at 244 Fifth Avenue, New York.

How much does the whisky club cost per month? ›

No joining fee, no minimum order, cancel anytime and only pay for what you drink. Our massive buying power means you access superstar world-exclusive whiskies for only $110 - $145 each month.

How much is the whiskey club per month? ›

There's no subscription fee and nothing to pay now: you'll only be charged for your whisky each month (between $110 - $145 per bottle, plus postage), unless you Opt Out of the month's whisky. You will be redirected to the PayPal website when you place an order.

Does Flaviar membership automatically renew? ›

Flaviar Membership will auto-renew at the end of the prepaid period and we will provide adequate notice to yourselves in digital form (email).

What is the activation code for a gift card? ›

How do I activate my Visa or Mastercard gift card on the phone? To activate your plastic Visa or Mastercard gift card, you will need: The 16-digit card number printed on the front of your gift card. The 3-digit security code (CVV code) printed on the back of your card.

What does it mean if a gift card is not activated? ›

Card is not activated

If you see a message that says that your card has not been properly activated, it might not have been activated by the retailer who sold the card. The best option is to go back to the retailer and try to resolve it with them.

Do you have to pay an activation fee for a gift card? ›

Not all cards charge an activation fee but many of them do. This fee can range from $1.00 to $9.95.

Why do people buy subscription boxes? ›

Retailers should too. Subscription box service sales have soared since the start of the pandemic, driven by consumers' desire for convenience, value and variety.

What age group buys the most subscription boxes? ›

Consumers in Younger Age Cohorts More Likely to Have Subscriptions: 86% of adults ages 18-34 hold a subscription to a service, compared to just 69% of adults 55+.

What is a good bottle of liquor? ›

Top 18 Liquor Bottles
  • Blanton's Bourbon.
  • Bombay Sapphire Revelation Collection.
  • Louis XIII Black Pearl.
  • Ladoga Imperial Collection.
  • Crystal Head Vodka.
  • Frozen Ghost Vodka.
  • Hibiki 17 Whisky.
  • Milagro Barrel Reserve Silver.
Oct 11, 2022

Is a bottle of liquor a good wedding gift? ›

However, booze always makes a great gift but yours is going to stand out from the crowd when it's presented in these fantastic liquor gift boxes for the bride and groom. Place their favorite liquor inside and they'll love holding onto the boxes and savoring their drinks for an occasion such as their first anniversary!

How do you pack alcohol as a gift? ›

The three simplest ways to gift a bottle of whisky are:
  1. Put it in a gift bag. Simple. Easy. Job done.
  2. Wrap it tightly, twisting the paper around the top of the bottle, covering it in sticky tape. Easy, but a giveaway to what's inside.
  3. Just hand it to them. They're only after the liquid inside anyway.
Dec 17, 2015

How much does the average person spend on subscriptions? ›

"On average, $86 per month was the initial amount consumers estimated they spent on subscription services. But upon closer look at their itemized expenses, the average monthly spend for consumers was more than 2.5 times the amount they thought at $219 – a whopping $133 higher than their original estimate.

What do I do with old subscription boxes? ›

Recycling and Reusing Your DGY Monthly Boxes
  1. Organize your desk or dresser top. ...
  2. Organize your child's toys. ...
  3. Use them to organize your drawers. ...
  4. Use it to store your yarn or patterns. ...
  5. Make your own pom poms. ...
  6. Use them to give away gifts in. ...
  7. Use them to mail items or care packages.
Apr 19, 2019

How many items should be in a subscription box? ›

There's no right or wrong amount of subscription box items, but most industry professionals recommend between five and 10 items. This gives your subscribers a valuable amount of products for their money, but not so many items that it's difficult to use up each month.

Should I insure my bourbon collection? ›

Whether you own a couple bottles of rare whiskey or a whole collection of fine wine, insurance for your collectibles can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you'll be able to replace them after a covered event.

Does Flaviar have an app? ›

The Flaviar App lets you manage your personal collection of drinks in the My Bar section. And once you're ready to take your flavour explorations into the real world, you can submit an order right through the App, or choose one our Tasting Packs.

What qualifies as a small batch whiskey? ›

Essentially, a small batch is comprised of a select number of barrels that are mixed together to create a desired taste. The chosen barrels are selected purposely as they will complement and combine well together. Small batch whiskey can be comprised of somewhere between 10-50 barrels.

Does Flaviar have scotch? ›

Also, Flaviar offers amazing Scotch-themed subscription boxes, including rare high-end Scotch Whisky brands! Whar is Single Malt Scotch? Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made from 100% malted barley and distilled at a single distillery. What is Blended Scotch?

Are Caskers and Flaviar the same? ›

The acquisition will also strengthen the company's position as a market leader. While both Flaviar and Caskers will continue to trade under their respective names, the co-branding will align with Flaviar to highlight and emphasize complementary and supporting services across the two businesses.

How do I contact Flaviar? ›

+1 (347) 756-7313

We'll get back to you via the provided email address as soon as possible.

Which whiskeys are worth collecting? ›

These bottles can be identified by their size, as they will state their volume as being 75cl, 750ml or 26 2/3 fl ozs. Macallan continues to be the most sought after single malt whisky brand but other distilleries such as Highland Park, Bowmore, Laphroaig, Ardbeg and Bruichladdich can be very valuable too.

Should you put bourbon in the fridge? ›

Keep it cool

For common distilled spirits, such as whiskey, vodka, gin, rum and tequila, the general rule of thumb is to store them at room temperature. Though some experts say the ideal range is slightly lower, between 55 and 60 degrees. Keeping them in a relatively cool place preserves them longer.

Is it good to drink a glass of whiskey a day? ›

Research shows small amounts of whiskey — especially aged varieties — increases our activity in the brain's GABA neurotransmitter, responsible for things like nervous system function and memory. One study found that people who consumed one to six drinks weekly had a lower risk of dementia than non-drinkers.

How does the Whiskey Club work? ›

All you pay for is the Whisky you buy. Each month we offer an exceptional Whisky of the Month to our Members. We'll send you an email on the first Friday of the Month and you can opt out, grab an extra bottle or buy one of our add ins instead.

How does Flaviar vault work? ›

Once a month, we reveal a private selection of exclusive, rare releases and you'll have access to a reservoir of gems. Every new addition to the Vault is for you and you alone, because even the rarest Whiskies deserve to be tasted. This is exclusively for Members, if you'd to like access, join the Club!

Does Flaviar have tequila? ›

Speaking of sublime bottles, Flaviar offers Tequila-themed subscription boxes including exclusive and rare brands of Tequila and Mezcal. Browse our selection of Tequilas under $50 or – if your budget lets you – our best Tequilas under $100!

How expensive is Flaviar? ›

$240 - How much you'd pay in a bar to try the Spirit samples you get in 4 Tasting Boxes. $10 - Credits towards your first purchase in our Store. $50 - How much you'd pay for an individual tasting session with an expert (Flaviar Members get access to over 30 tasting sessions)

What state has the best bourbon selection? ›

Kentucky is the ground zero of the bourbon market. It's the state where the majority of bourbon is made and therefore has the shortest shipping distance.

What are the best bourbon review sites? ›

35 Best Bourbon Blogs and Websites
  • Bourbon Blog.
  • The Bourbon Review.
  • Fred Minnick.
  • Kentucky Bourbon Trail Blog.
  • Bourbon & Banter Blog.
  • The Whiskey Wash » Bourbon.
  • Drinkhacker » Bourbon.
  • Bourbon Veach.
Jan 16, 2023

How much is a Flaviar credit worth? ›

Your quarterly box is always shipped for free. Every quarter, you receive a credit for a bottle that is worth $40-$60.

How do I use Flaviar credits? ›

What is Flaviar store credit and how can I use it? Store credit is, simply put, as good as cash. It is tied to your Flaviar account and can only be used in the Flaviar store. You can apply it towards a purchase by checking the tick box found at checkout.

How long does it take Flaviar to ship? ›

Our vendors usually require 1-5 business days to prepare your shipment. Shipping times vary according to your delivery address and availability of the ordered items. We always provide a tracking link that contains a delivery estimate once an order ships. If you order multiple items, they may ship separately.

How long does 100 percent take to ship? ›

Help & FAQ
Shipping MethodProcessing TimeDelivery Time
Standard Ground1-2 Business Days4-8 Business Days
Upgraded Ground1-2 Business Days3-5 Business Days
Rush1-2 Business Days1-3 Business Days
2-Day1-2 Business Day2 Business Days
1 more row

How long does spirits take to ship? ›

Q: When will I receive my order?
Shipping MethodProcessing Time**Total Delivery Time
Express1 Business Day3-5 Business Days*
2-Day1 Business Day3 Business Days*
Overnight1 Business Day2 Business Days*
2 more rows

How long does it take for Brandy packages to ship? ›

Orders usually ship out within 3-5 business days.


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