Moby Says He May Be 'Done' with Dating After His Last Relationship Ended 5 Years Ago (2024)

Moby just might be done with the dating game.

The musician, 55, tells PEOPLE in this week's issue, on newsstands Friday, that he came to this conclusion after his last relationship ended five years ago.

"I like staying friends with my exes, so oftentimes when a relationship ends, I try to take three to six months without going on another date, sort of out of respect for the person I've just dated," Moby says. "But in this case, six months passed, and I started realizing that no institution has caused more hurt in my life, on my end and on other people's end, than dating."

"I looked at all of the pain created by my dating life, by other people's dating lives, and then I looked at the other things in my life — creativity, spirituality, activism and health — and I thought, 'Okay, dating, maybe I'm done,'" he continues. "So it's been five years. I haven't been on a date in five years. And the only thing that's disconcerting for me is that it's not disconcerting. I don't miss it."

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Despite the lack of romance, Moby says his life still feels full.

"I have wonderful friends. I have this really fulfilling creative work life, spiritual life, hiking life," he says. "So I don't know what'll happen in the future, but these last five years of monastic living have been surprisingly nice."

Moby has come a long way from the dating life he had at the height of his fame in the late '90s, when he was riding on the massive success of his fifth studio album Play.

"I was that old country Western cliché, just looking for love in all the wrong places," he says. "Then when you take fame, alcoholism, addiction and a compulsive need to seek validation, it led to a lot of — to be diplomatic — less than ideal dating on my end."

Moby Says He May Be 'Done' with Dating After His Last Relationship Ended 5 Years Ago (1)

Moby dives into his turbulent past and decades-long struggles with addiction and depression in a new documentary, Moby Doc (in theaters and on digital platforms May 28). In tandem with the film, he's releasing his new album Reprise, in which he revisits his hits with the Budapest Art Orchestra.

"It's paradoxical, in a way, to be who I am right now, which is kind of boring, happy and middle-aged, and look back 20 years ago to when I was selfish, narcissistic and addicted to alcohol and drugs," he says. "I look at that person, and I don't recognize him."

Over time, Moby says he's learned to give himself grace.

"It's a hard place because no one wants to listen to an affluent public figure complaining. But when you can't figure out how to make yourself happy and you rely on alcohol and drugs, for a lot of people the only answer is [suicide]," he says. "I'm glad I didn't figure out how to end my life."

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Moby turned his life around when he finally got sober in 2008 after multiple failed attempts. While on the train home from an event, he says he had a moment of clarity.

"I played a fundraiser and then got very drunk after and did a ton of drugs," he says. "As I was taking Amtrak back into the city, this voice in my head said, 'You're done.'"

He began attending 12-step meetings and entered therapy for the first time — things he's remained committed to for the last 13 years.

"I started recognizing that fame and material success weren't going to fix my psychological and emotional issues," he says. "I'm actually quite happy with the simple things: hiking, sitting outside and looking at the trees I've planted. When you've spent your whole life struggling and pursuing grander things, it's hard to realize these things have the ability to deliver that much happiness."

He also decided to make the move from New York City to Los Angeles.

"I realized very quickly that N.Y.C., where I'd lived almost my entire life, is a wonderful place to be a drunk and an incredibly challenging place to be sober," he says. "So I moved to L.A., and I've been here ever since."

A vegan since 1985, he found a renewed passion for life by focusing on animal-rights activism, fighting against factory farming and advocating for shelter pets.

"I remember reading this interview with the Dalai Lama, and he was talking about how happiness comes from service," he says. "I've realized he's absolutely right."

Now he's sharing his struggles to help others.

"I've really appreciated other people telling their honest stories," he says. "I'm telling mine in the hope that people will feel less alone. I'm so grateful to have a purpose that's higher than myself."

For all the details on Moby's decades-long struggles with addiction and depression, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands everywhere Friday.

Moby Says He May Be 'Done' with Dating After His Last Relationship Ended 5 Years Ago (2024)
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