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Dom Pérignon is among the most noticeable champagne brands in the world. Champagne is often used for celebrations like weddings and graduations, with Dom Pérignon popping up at classy functions such as these.

A good way to show your love and appreciation for loved ones would be with a gift basket so we are going to look at the best Dom Perignon gift baskets.

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Why a Gift Basket?

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Often, we want to send gifts to friends and family for celebrations but as people move and disperse, it is difficult to see them and give them their gifts in person.

For that reason, gift baskets are a great alternative that can be personalized and have a message attached to loved ones.

How to Choose a Dom Pérignon Gift Basket

The type of gift basket you want to select depends on the occasion and the person you are sending it to. Gift baskets that involve champagne usually have a bottle or two of the beverage along with some chocolates, nuts, or dried fruit.

For instance, if the gift basket is for a wedding, you could include a personalized item like champagne glasses with the bride and groom’s names or wedding dates engraved onto them. If it is for a colleague who has been promoted, you could include personalized stationery like a notebook or pen.

There are countless ways to personalize gift baskets that will show you know and appreciate that person.

What are the Benefits of Gift Baskets?

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Gift baskets are a good way of personalizing a gift for someone and having it delivered to them while you cannot be there.

There are many reasons why someone may not be present at a celebration but that does not mean you cannot still show your support and love to the person being celebrated.

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Gift baskets can be pre-arranged meaning there is less personalization or you can have them personalized with a card or specific items that your loved one would appreciate.

If they are chocolate fans you could have some chocolate added to the basket or some dried fruit if they are likely to prefer a healthier option.

Things to Look for in Gift Baskets

Some gift baskets come already packed and may include some things that you know your loved one may not like. If you are looking for a generic gift, then find a pre-arranged gift basket to send.

However, if you are looking for something personal for your loved one, it is best to find a gift basket that can be personalized and made to suit the person you are sending the gift basket to.

Given the price point of Dom Pérignon as luxury champagne, these gift baskets tend to be on the pricier side. Even with that, some of the baskets are more affordable than others.

It is important to ensure you find a gift basket that suits your needs but does not break the bank at the same time.

The Best Way to Use Gift Baskets

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The best way to use gift baskets is to select specific items (if that is an option) to personalize the gift as much as possible. The usual options available with a gift basket are the type of alcohol (in this case Dom Pérignon), chocolates, nuts, and dried fruit.

There are often options to add other items such as champagne flutes which can be engraved with the person’s name, alcohol-related items like a champagne bottle opener, ice buckets, etc.

It is up to you to decide (once again if you can) which items to include in the basket and how you want it to be set up. Often there is an option to include a card with a personalized message that can help send the sentiment that you are trying to express.

Are Gift Baskets Impersonal?

There is a bit of controversy that sending a gift basket is an impersonal way to gift someone. People may have this belief because you are not personally delivering the gift basket (if it is delivered by the company) and there is a separation there.

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However, gift baskets are not always sent because we do not want to send a gift, or we do not want to see the person. Rather, gift baskets are often sent when a person cannot get to the celebration whether it is because of money, travel, or distance. Sending a gift basket in this case is a way to show appreciation even if you cannot physically be at the celebration.

With most companies allowing personalization to gift baskets, this controversy is becoming less true. Gift baskets can be created specifically for the person who is receiving them and can be designed to include all their favorite things.

These things are often known by the person and show the level of thought and consideration that went into the gift.

How to Design Your Gift Basket at Home

Let Us Look at 5 Best Dom Perignon Gift Baskets

1. Dom Pérignon and Assorted Godiva Chocolates Gift Basket

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  • A personalized card is available to make the gift more personal to the recipient. This message can be up to 150 characters.
  • High-quality chocolates are paired with a Dom Pérignon vintage champagne to make a flavorful gift basket
  • Possibility to have it delivered to the recipient if you cannot take it to them directly


  • At a price point of $449 this is a higher-cost gift, however, that is to be expected with the normal price of Dom Pérignon Champagne (which averages $367 excluding tax).

This gift basket is a good option for someone who loves chocolate as that is the main part of this gift basket. Included in this basket is a 750-milliliter bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne and assorted Godiva Chocolates.

Dom Pérignon has few calories and no added sugar. It has a slightly oily texture with notes of biscuits, smoke, citrus, and honey. The champagne is made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes leaving a refreshing beverage with an alcohol by volume of 12,5% (25 proof).

This pairs well with the Godiva chocolates which are cream-filled and have a crisp flavor. the chocolates are presented in five different boxes, each with its flavor. this allows for more choice for the recipient, and they are likely to find a chocolate that they will enjoy.

The bundle of goods is presented neatly in a black basket with handle cut-outs making it easy to carry and deliver. There is an option to add a card with a personalized message which will allow you to personalize the gift basket a bit more.

This is an ideal gift for housewarming or birthdays as it can be shared with others or enjoyed by the recipient. Otherwise, this gift basket can be given to a parent for Mother’s or Father’s Day.

2. Bon Appetit Gourmet Gift Basket with Dom Pérignon Champagne

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  • Good value for the price: there are fourteen items available in this basket including the champagne which can be bought for an average price of $367 itself.
  • Sweet and savory options for snacks: this allows for a wider range for the recipient to choose from. If they are trying to stay away from chocolate, there are several savory options available as well.
  • The wicker basket makes it seem less impersonal which, combined with a personalized card, makes for a sweet gift for a loved one


  • The sizes of the savory and sweet snacks are the smaller size, with most being 1 piece of chocolate or less than 5 ounces of each snack.

For the number of items in this gift basket, the price point is like the previous gift basket discussed. This basket is a good option for a more elaborate gift as the sheer number of items in the basket makes it a bountiful and generous gift.

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The main part of this gift basket is a bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne (750 ml) which pairs well with the remaining items in the basket. This Vintage is a Brut that has notes of toast and coffee making it an ideal option to pair with both savory and sweet treats.

For savory options, the basket includes Cracked Peppercorn Crackers, Smoked Gouda Cheese Spread, Italian Snack Crisps, Olives, and Biscuits. There is an additional bag of Hot Honey Crunch Mix, Shell Bella Madeleine, and Cherry Strudel.

Sweeter options include five chocolates (Godiva milk chocolate Truffle, Guylian Milk Chocolate Seahorses, Milk Chocolate Lindt Lindor truffle Balls, Ghirardelli milk chocolate with a caramel filling, and white chocolate with a caramel filling).

The presentation of this gift basket is in a dark wood, wicker basket giving it a slightly rustic feel. Like the first option, there is a choice to have a personalized card attached which will make it a more personal gift.

This basket is an ideal option for someone with a wide range of preferences in terms of treats and snacks and can be used for birthdays, Christmas, or other large celebrations.

3. Dom Pérignon Lady Gaga Brut Gourmet Delight Gift Basket

The 5 Best Dom Perignon Gift Baskets - DrinkStack (6)


  • 15 items aside from the champagne provide a large variety of snacks to choose from. If the recipient is in the mood for a sweet treat there are options available, as well as if they are feeling like a savory snack to pay with their champagne.
  • At $489 per basket, this gift option is just slightly more expensive than the previous options discussed. However, it may be well worth the price given the number of items available in the basket and the limited-edition status of the champagne
  • Option to personalize a card to send a personal touch along with the gift for the recipient


  • Like the previous gift basket discussed, the items in the basket are served in smaller quantities which may be of some concern. However, the number of options available may make up for the smaller portions

Once again, this basket is on the more luxurious side, containing a bottle of the Limited-Edition Lady Gaga Brut Champagne (750 ml) and 15 assorted treats and snacks.

There are savory options available including Cranberry & Sesame cookies, smoked Gouda cheese spread, sesame crackers, and olives.

For a sweeter option, there is a Hot Honey Crunch Mix, Belvaux Cocoa dusted chocolates, caramel sea salt cookies, and several other options including chocolate, sweets, and caramel popcorn.

Finally, what sets this basket apart from the previously mentioned on the list is a box of English Tea which can be enjoyed at another time.

The gift is presented in a light brown and white basket with faux leather handles for easy carrying. The whole basket is wrapped in a gingham blue ribbon which adds a slightly whimsical feel to the gift.

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This is a good option for someone who is a fan of Lady Gaga and could be bought for a birthday (like an 18th or 21st birthday), or graduation.

Even if the recipient is not a fan of Lady Gaga, this basket would likely be received well due to the sheer number of items in the basket.

4. Dom Pérignon Lady Gaga Brut with Holiday Gift Basket


  • There is a wide array of thirteen chocolates and truffles for the recipient to enjoy including milk and dark chocolate to suit the recipient’s preferences
  • The richness of the Godiva chocolate will pair well with the toast and coffee notes of the Dom Pérignon champagne
  • This gift can be personalized with a card that will pass on your holiday wishes to the recipient


  • This basket would not be ideal for a recipient who does not enjoy chocolates as there are no savory options or biscuits available in the gift basket

For a Christmas-themed gift basket, this may be the ideal option. This gift basket includes a bottle of the Lady gaga Brut Champagne (750 ml) and a range of chocolates from Godiva. Godiva is a high-quality chocolate brand that pairs well with high-quality vintage champagne.

With the milk chocolate options available there are 2 pieces of caramels, 1 piece of a covered graham cracker, 2 truffles, a 1,1-ounce caramel Lion bar, and 1,2 ounces of covered raisins. For a slightly different flavor, there is a piece of strawberry cheesecake truffle.

If the recipient prefers dark chocolate, there is a piece of chocolate cocoa, 2 covered pretzels, a 1-ounce ganache heart bar, 4,9-ounces of ganache heart pieces, and 3,1-ounces of roasted almond minibars.

The entire bundle is presented in a metal basket with engravings of Christmas trees giving it more of a holiday feel. The sturdy basket can then be used (once the contents have been consumed) as a decoration in the house or to contain smaller gifts for loved ones.

5. Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage with Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket

The 5 Best Dom Perignon Gift Baskets - DrinkStack (7)


  • A wide array of Godiva chocolates means that most chocolate tastes are met. The basket includes milk, dark, and white chocolate in the mix
  • The metal basket is engraved with Christmas trees meaning it can be used to store Christmas decorations or treats
  • The P2 vintage is flavorful champagne which should pair well with the chocolates and treats in the basket


  • The price point is the highest on this list meaning it will not be an option for everybody looking for a Dom Pérignon gift basket

The final gift basket we are looking at is also the most expensive gift basket on this list. For $599, this gift basket may be out of the price range for some consumers. However, the price point is due to the Godiva chocolates and the Plentitude 2 Vintage which is one of Dom Pérignon’s most expensive champagnes available for purchase.

The Plentitude 2 Vintage is a brut with a flavor profile of fresh lemon and dried pineapple. There are additional notes of cooked apple and pie crust which gives a holiday feel to the beverage. Combined with the metal, Christmas tree engraved basket, this is an ideal option for a higher-priced Christmas gift for family and friends.

There are 5 milk chocolate options which include 2 pieces of caramel, 1 covered graham cracker, 2 truffles, a 1,1-ounce caramel Lion bar, and 1,2-ounces of covered raisins. There are 2 white chocolate truffles and a strawberry cheesecake truffle as well.

For a dark chocolate option, there is 1 piece of chocolate cocoa, 2 covered pretzels, 1-ounce ganache heart bar, 4,9-ounces of ganache heart pieces, and 3,1 ounces of roasted almond minibars.

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Final Thoughts

The best Dom Pérignon Gift Basket for you would depend on what you are buying the gift for. Lady gaga fans may prefer the third item on this list, while for someone who enjoys both sweet and savory snacks, option 2 would be the best choice. It depends on who the gift basket is intended for and what their preferences are.

Gift baskets are a way to send something personal to your loved ones when you cannot be there for a celebration. They can be personalized which makes them unique to the receiver and can be designed to include their favorite snacks and Dom Pérignon champagne.


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