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Everything You Need to Know about Flaviar Whiskey Club

Getting deliveries of high-end spirits sounds like a great deal—but how do you know if a particular whiskey subscription box is the right one for you? In this AdvisoryHQ Flaviar review, we’ll take an in-depth look at one popular spirit subscription box and answer the following consumer questions:

  • What is the Flaviar club?
  • Is Flaviar a legit company?
  • What do you get in a Flaviar tasting box?
  • How much does Flaviar cost?
  • What do Flaviar reviews say?

If you’re on the fence about the Flaviar tasting box, you’re in the right place—this Flaviar review was crafted with you in mind!

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Flaviar Whiskey Subscription Box

Whether you are trying to plan a creative gift or want a little something extra in your mailbox, a subscription box is a great way to experience new brands and products that you may otherwise miss out on.

But for those with their own distinct taste, it can be difficult to find a good subscription box that doesn’t revolve around fashion, beauty, food, or fitness.

Luckily, those who appreciate the classic art of a well-aged spirit can partake in a whiskey subscription box. TheFlaviar club is a club for whiskey and spirits lovers offering tasting boxes that include samples of the best scotch whiskey, bourbon, gin, rum, cognac, and more.

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AdvisoryHQ Flaviar Review | What is the Flaviar Spirits Club?

Describing themselves as leaders of“the speakeasy movement of the modern day,”the company crafts each Flaviar subscription box from a database of over 20,000 spirits around the world, including selections from craft distilleries.

Flaviar began operating in 2012 and has one of the most popular whiskey tasting boxes on the market today. They have over 600,000 registered spirit lovers and have shipped over 2,000,000 samples.

Flaviar has been mentioned in a number of publications, including Forbes, Esquire, and Whisky Advocate. But is Flaviar a legit company? Keep reading this Flaviar review to find out everything you need to know about Flaviar.

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Flaviar Reviews: What Do You Get in the Flaviar Spirit Subscription Box?

While many applaud Flaviar as a whiskey subscription box, recipients get much more than the best scotch whiskey from across the globe. The Flaviar club also distributes bourbon, gin, cognac, rum, brandy, absinthe, and more, catering to a wide range of palates.

According to theirFAQs, each Flaviar tasting box comes with:

  • Three 1.5oz samples of premium and/or craft spirits
  • Complete tasting notes for guided tasting and information, including lesser-known facts about the spirits included.
  • A collectible concrete Flaviar coaster.

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Is Flaviar the Best Affordable Whiskey Sampling Box?

Flaviar Reviews: Flaviar Whiskey Club Benefits

Aside from a quarterly Flaviar tasting box and a full-size bottle, the Flaviar spirits club membership brings a wide range of benefits. Membership includes the following:

  • Access to exclusive products for Flaviar whiskey club members.
  • A complimentary tasting box each quarter, with an additional 750ml bottle of spirits.
  • Digital Home Bar to record preferences and log their favorite spirits.
  • Access to tens of thousands of bottle reviews from community members.
  • Ability to purchase unique spirits directly from Flaviar.
  • Unlimited free shipping on qualifying orders.
  • Exclusive live and virtual tasting events.
  • Generous referral perks.

Purchasing full-size versions of spirits from Flaviar provides access to some of the best affordable whiskey from around the world, making this a prime benefit for those who want to try new spirits.

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Flaviar Reviews: How Much Does Flaviar Cost?

Membership to Flaviar costs $95 per quarter. You can also get a year’s membership at the discounted price of $300. As one of the best subscription boxes for men and women, the Flaviar Club membership may be pricey—but for dedicated spirit aficionados, this money is likely well-spent.

Additionally, although other spirit subscription boxes exist, our review found that Flaviar Club has one of the largest collections to choose from.

Flaviar offers some of the best affordable whiskey available with bottles ranging from $30 to over $500. While Flaviar seems expensive, they sell spirits for a lower price than many retailers, and with a free 750ml bottle of some of the best scotch whiskey every quarter, whiskey enthusiasts can justify the cost of joining the Flaviar whiskey club. This is supported byindependent Flaviar reviewersand assorted commentary from online users, detailed below.

Flaviar Review | What Do Flaviar Reviews Say About the Service?

Before trying any new product or service, it’s always a good idea to look at customer reviews to ensure that you are making the best decision for you. The same is true for the Flaviar whiskey club.

In the sections below, we’ll take an in-depth look at Flaviar reviews from customers to help you determine whether Flaviar is legit and really is the best scotch whiskey, gin, bourbon, and assorted spirit box for you.

Positive Flaviar Reviews

HighYahas over 500 Flaviar reviews from customers, and it gives the Flaviar whiskey box an overall rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.

The majority of Flaviar reviewers were extremely satisfied with their experience, as nearly 80 percent of reviewers gave the spirit subscription box a full 5-star rating. Positive Flaviar reviews praise the service for having an impressive variety of unique spirits, fast and free shipping, and a great customer service department.

In fact, many Flaviar reviewers stated that they were able to find new, surprising favorites through their samples—even with spirits that they wouldn’t normally drink.

For example, one recent Flaviar review states:

This is an excellent service for both adventurous and timid drinkers, as it allows you to sample a variety of styles without feeling like you’re wasting product if you don’t like one.

From a large number of positive Flaviar reviews on HighYa, Flaviar seems like a great choice for cognac connoisseurs looking to try some of the best scotch whiskeys and spirits available.

Negative Flaviar Reviews

Flaviar has a large amount of positive feedback online, but what about negative reviews? Interestingly, many critical Flaviar reviews on HighYa mention issues with shipping and delivery of either their subscription box or a spirit purchase made through the website. In the case of these negative Flaviar reviews, deliveries were either substantially late or they were unable to receive their delivery as they live in a state where the delivery was unavailable.

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Flaviar Review from the Better Business Bureau

While many Flaviar reviews in the past criticized the pricing of Flaviar’s whiskey club, there seems to be a reduced number since Flaviar changed their pricing structure and the products they offer.

However, there are still many complaints and negative Flaviar reviews relating to delivery times. For example, on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Flaviar has a C rating, due to over 40 complaints in the past three years. Nearly half of these complaints are related to delivery issues. Flaviar is also not accredited with the BBB. With such a low rating on BBB, many consumers may be wondering “is Flaviar legit?”

Our Flaviar review found that while the majority of complaints on HighYa came from 2014-2016, some negative Flaviar reviews are from as recently as July 2020, suggesting there are still issues with the legitimacy of Flaviar’s shipping policy.

One Flaviar reviewer on the BBB states that they’re “still waiting for a tracking number for an order that was shipped 30 days ago.” However, in a lengthy response from Flaviar, it seems there was an issue relating to changes in state alcohol laws which complicated delivery. Flaviar’s customer service team seems to be responsive on social media and review sites, suggesting they attempt to resolve problems with the shipping as quickly as possible.

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Flaviar Review | Shipping, Cancellations, and Refund Policy


Flaviar offers shipping to all European Union (EU) countries, as well as parts of the United States. However, Flaviar doesn’t ship to over 20 US states and territories, including Puerto Rico, Texas, Ohio, and Alabama. Flaviar also doesn’t ship to Canada. A likely reason for Flaviar being unable to ship to certain parts of the US is the differing state laws about delivering and selling alcohol.

You can request worldwide shipping for no extra cost, but only on Flaviar tasting boxes. You’ll need to contact Flaviar to see if your country is eligible. Flaviar does state a specific timeframe for deliveries and is clear that timings differ based on your location and the availability of an item.

If you’re part of the Flaviar spirits club, you’ll have unlimited free shipping on qualifying orders. This credit can be used to purchase as many bottles of the best affordable whiskeys and spirits as you like.

Flaviar uses a third-party shipping company to deliver Flaviar tasting boxes and spirits. Flaviar will charge you for shipping and returns if you supply the wrong address or refuse delivery. You’ll be unable to get a refund or any compensation if your delivery is seized by Customs.

If your parcel arrives damaged, you can send a photo or written proof, and Flaviar will provide you with a refund or a replacement.

Cancellations and refunds

Flaviar has a reasonable cancellation and refund policy for both Flaviar whiskey club members and one-time customers.

If you take out a Flaviar membership, you will have a three-day grace period during which you can cancel and receive a full refund. If you cancel outside of the grace period, you’ll be charged, and your membership will cancel at the end of the quarter.

For store purchases, including Flaviar whiskeys and other spirits, you can apply for a refund if you haven’t received your delivery within two months of your order.

Several Flaviar items are non-refundable, including sale items, personalized items, pre-sales, and special collaborations.

Flaviar Review | Pros and Cons


Flaviar will appeal to many liquor lovers searching for the best affordable whiskeys and spirits on the market. Some of the best features of Flaviar include:

  • A diverse selection of rare whiskeys and spirits
  • Some of the best Scotch whiskeys for less than their retail value
  • Straightforward cancellation policy
  • Unlimited free shipping on qualifying orders
  • Access to unique features and tasting information
  • Exclusive live & virtual tasting events


However, several problems may put customers off joining the Flaviar whiskey club:

  • Slow shipping times
  • Flaviar costs a lot of money—a minimum of $300 a year
  • Flaviar is unavailable in many US states
  • Lack of customization in Flaviar tasting boxes

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AdvisoryHQ Conclusion: Is Flaviar Really the Best Affordable Whiskey Subscription?

So, is Flaviar legit? Definitely. With access to thousands of unique samples from across the globe, Flaviar is one of the best whiskey subscription boxes for men and women who are truly dedicated spirit aficionados. Membership includes access to full-size bottles, detailed tasting instructions, and an interactive community, creating a truly unique spirit subscription box.

Although Flaviar costs more than most, this price is more than worth it for many members. Flaviar reviews from users on the overall value, experience, and interactions with customer service are very positive, suggesting that the company has a strong base of satisfied members.

However, when it comes to communication and shipping, the Flaviar whiskey club does have room for improvement, earning the service an overall 4-star rating.

Our Flaviar review found that Flaviar has issues with shipping, with customers potentially waiting months for their delivery. Given this, it is hardly surprising that many negative Flaviar reviewers felt that Flaviar is not upfront about delivery times, and were left feeling frustrated by their experience.

By improving shipping times and communicating potential delays, Flaviar could easily improve its ratings and become the best whiskey subscription box on the market.

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