Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (2023)

The difference between traditional and digital artwork usually comes down to the texture that either image has. Your digital artwork will stand out without a canvas behind it but by adding texture to the image in Photoshop, you can help give your artwork a little bit more realism.

With this in mind, we wanted to take a closer look at the Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop so you can start adding texture and making your work look it’s absolute best.

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These free and premium texture download packs are available in SVG, PNG, PSD, AI and include paper textures, illustrator textures, vintage, overlays, old paper, grit, and more – all perfect for backgrounds and elevating your work.

Let’s get started!

Top Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop

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Top 15 Premium Photoshop Textures

Super Strike Matchbook Effects

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (3)

One of the best and easiest advertising campaigns ever created spread like wildfire from the 1920s to the 1950s. Give-away matchbooks were one of the best ways to put a promotional image or business name in front of people. The Super Strike Matchbook Effects by Ian Barnard looks to recreate that look and add some vintage texture to your artwork. The effect works automatically so there is no need to split your artwork into different layers. Simply paste your work and that’s it.

Grunge Textures Kit

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (4)

Created by using ink and foam rollers the Grunge Texture Kit from MiksKS is a set of 35 different textures that you can use to add a grunge look to your typography, illustrations, or any other work. Created to be transparent PNG files that allow you to easily adjust the color or the layer effects of the textures to suit your needs. The textures in the kit will also work great as layer masks. As a bonus, the kit also includes 10 stamp brushes that you can use to add custom grunge details to your work.

The Dusty Vintage Paper Collection

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (5)

Collected through the years, The Dusty Vintage Paper Collection by The Dusty Inklab brings together over 100 vintage pieces of paper from many different sources including books and other worn-out things. If you’re looking to add age or show authenticity in your image, the collection is perfect for you. Although they come in a variety of sizes, all of the selections in the collection are high-resolution 600 PPI.

Black & White Winter Patterns

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (6)

12 black & white hand drawn winter designs in the Black & White Winter Patterns by Lisa Glanz is a heart-warming kit is a perfect option for anyone who designs apparel for kids, paper goods, and much more. Created with care and packaged in easy-to-use formats, the patterns also allow you to add color for so you can use them in even more ways to create incredible art or projects.

The Liquid Paintlab Vol. 3

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (7)

Created as an experiment on their kitchen floor, The Dusty Inklab presents The Liquid Paintlab Vol. 3, a high-resolution, liquid paint texture that is amazingly versatile. With the randomness in each one, you can find unlimited amounts of ways to use these textures in your projects. The kit comes with over 65 textures for you to choose from and each one has a resolution of 600 PPI meaning your images will look super crisp and detailed.

Vintage Polaroid Effects

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (8)

There was a time when everyone owned a Polaroid camera and took photos everywhere. The frames became so iconic and with the Vintage Polaroid Effects from Offset, you can recapture that feeling. With a transparent background, the frames are meant to be flexible and suitable for large projects or those requiring a lower resolution. To help new users, the kit includes an example image and text file with instructions about how to use the mockup.

Film Textures

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (9)

Film reels can provide a unique texture that can’t be matched. With Film Textures from Blue Line Design, you can achieve a retro film look with 80 textures created from the castoffs found in the darkroom. These discarded pieces of film have a distressed, naturally colored, and have textures from light exposure and developing agents, giving them an authentic look. A perfect option to use as a frame or a mask, the textures come with transparent backgrounds and negative space.

Imaginarium Vintage Junk Graphics

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (10)

Everyone has a junk drawer where little bits of this and that end up and never gets cleaned out. With the Imaginarium Vintage Junk Graphics pack from Eclectic Anthology, you can see what can be created from those discarded items. Filled with backgrounds that include vintage buttons, metal church letters and numbers, bits of paper, and a whole mess of other bits of junk. The set included more than 350 graphics that you can use to make unique and original artwork. Once you use this kit, you should clean out your junk drawer.

Photoshop Glitch Text Effects Vol.2

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Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (11)

If you ever had a television that you need to use an antenna to get a clear image, then you are all too familiar with glitched images on your screen. With the Photoshop Glitch Text Effects Vol.2 from MiksKS, you can recreate the glitches as part of your artwork. With 12 different glitch effects that you can use on your text, each of them works as a smart object replacement. The templates are fully editable and layered making it easy for you to edit them to fit your needs. A PDF is included with instructions and pictures to make the process of using the effect easier.

80 Vintage & Metallic Textures

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (12)

If you are working on a project and it feels like what’s missing is a touch of vintage or grunge metallic foil then you’re in luck. Zeppelin Graphics has created 80 Vintage & Metallic Textures kit for just that reason! Usable for any type of project, whether that’s a banner, prints, posters, stationary, even websites. You can even create a custom logo for your business and use the kit to add a bit of flair to make it stand out. With them being in JPG format, you can use them across just about every software there is.

Holographic Glitch Abstract Textures

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (13)

Packed with bright neon colors, the Holographic Glitch Abstract Textures set from Marie T can provide you with some incredible modern backgrounds for your design work. Containing 28 high-resolution textures that will catch people’s attention. Each texture image is taken from a landscape photograph and distorted to achieve the effect presented. These can be a great option to use on blogs, logos, posters, as well as social media branding,

Barn & Farmhouse Wood Textures

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (14)

You cannot beat the look that an old barn or farmhouse has after years of abuse from the weather and other elements. It gives a rustic appearance that can be as beautiful as it is amazing. Made from the photos of a local farm that has seen better days, the Barn & Farmhouse Wood Textures collection by Eclectic Anthology provides you with 100 wood textures that are perfect as a background or an overlay if you want to add a grungy feel to it. Made up of photos of the barn, farmhouse, fence posts, and other buildings, the items in this collection could be exactly what your work needs to stand out from the crowd.

Outer Space Digital Paper

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (15)

Outer space has fascinated people for generations as they have stared up at the stars and wondered what was out there. With the Outer Space Digital Paper collection from MixPixBox, you can take your projects to another galaxy with their selection of 10 space digital papers. Each paper is 12×12 and 3600 x 3600 px, meaning you can add these stellar images as a background on a poster or if you’re creating a physical type of project, they can add a real flair.

100 Marker Textures & Shapes

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (16)

Everyone remembers how fun it was as a kid to spend all afternoon drawing and coloring with Crayola markers and creating amazing pictures that mom would put on the fridge. With the 100 Marker Textures & Shapes set from Kimmy Design, you can recapture some of those childhood memories with 200 marker circles and squares in color and gray. With the brightness that comes from the colored textures, it can be a perfect background for all kinds of work. Plus, there is a circle template that you can use to create your colors or gradients. All this at such an affordable price is too much to pass up.

Abstract Oil Painting Design Kit

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop (17)

Oil paint can bring a unique look to any project, no matter how big or small it may be. With the Abstract Oil Painting Design Kit from Alex Green Art, you can add a different background, patterns, brushstrokes, and splashes to give your art a quality that makes it stand out. Hand-drawn, the 69 different elements add charm to your work and have been optimized and vectorized so you can use them in your digital and print projects.

Top 15 Free Photoshop Textures

Using textures in the work that you do on Adobe Photoshop can add a level of depth and realism that you just cannot get otherwise. With our list of the Top 15 Photoshop Free & Premium Textures, you can use our choices to expand the horizons of your work and present the best creations you possibly can.

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