US IKEA Bed & Mattress Sizes Vs Regular Normal - Standard Twin XL & 3/4 (2023)

Are you looking for IKEA bed and mattress sizes? The Swedish retail chain updated some of their mattress & bed sizes so that the mattresses will fit conventional beds and vice versa. Read on to see how the mattress sizes compare such as IKEA queen vs regular queen and how the various dimensions…

However most won’t fit conventional beds properly. Recently IKEA have added some of their best mattresses to amazon, CLICK HERE to see them.

The good news is is that there are a ton of really good quality affordable mattresses on amazon that will fit normal beds. If you already have an IKEA mattress and are looking for a bed that will fit or you have a bed and need a mattress that will fit click on the following for the best deals:

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  • 1 IKEA Mattress Sizes Chart
    • 1.1 Full measurements compared
    • 2.1 Side by side comparison: what the dimensions look like
    • 2.2 IKEA King Size Bed vs Normal
    • 2.4 Cot mattresses: standard one size for all
      • 2.4.1 Metric measurements:
      • 2.4.2 Imperial measurements:
  • 3 IKEA full size bed mattress: how does it compare?
  • 4 How wide is a standard bed?
  • 5 Where to buy one that will fit correctly
  • 6 Unique size names and corresponding standard
    • 6.1 Buying an IKEA bed frame that fits
  • 7 Frequently Asked Questions
    • 7.1 Are IKEA Bed Sizes Different?

IKEA Mattress Sizes Chart

IKEA®bed frames don’t fit normal standard size dimensions exactly. However likewisea normal sizebed won’tfit properly as they deviate from classic measurements. Each country has definitivename set anddifferent IKEA mattress sizes. Some of these are the same as the Swedish retailer however with slightly different measurements.

Take a careful look at the dimensionsbefore buying to avoid getting the wrong size! The following shows STANDARD mattress measurementsside by side along with the common name for that mattress:

IKEA® NameUS Equivalent? Width In MetricLength In MetricWidth In ImperialLength In Imperial
TwinClose - Click To See97 cm189 cm38 1/4 "74 3/8 "
FullClose - Click To See135 cm189 cm53 1/8 "74 3/8 "
QueenClose - Click To See152 cm202 cm59 7/8 "79 1/2 "
KingClose - Click To See193 cm202 cm76 "79 1/2 "


Full measurements compared

Here are the USA and CA standard mattress names along with the corresponding sizes. Next to this I have placed the difference against the same names at IKEA:

US Mattress NameIKEA Name Version?Width In MetricIKEA Width +/-Length In MetricIKEA +/-Width In ImperialIKEA +/-Length In ImperialIKEA +/-
Small single
or Cot
No76 cm191 cm30 in75 in
Single, Twin,
or Bunk
Yes99 cm-2cm (97 cm)191 cm-2cm (189 cm)39 in-1/4 " (38 1/4 ")75 in-5/8 " (74 3/8 ")
Twin extra longNo99 cm203 cm39 in80 in
Small double
or Three-quarter
No122 cm191 cm48 in75 in
Double or FullNo137 cm191 cm54 in75 in
Double extra longNo137 cm203 cm54 in80 in
QueenYes152 cmThe same (152 cm)203 cm-1cm (202 cm)60 in-7/8 " (59 7/8 ")80 in-1/2 " (79 1/2 ")
Expanded, Super,
or Olympic queen
No168 cm203 cm66 in80 in
KingYes193 cmThe same (93 cm)203 cm-1cm (202 cm)76 inSame (76 ")80 in-1/2 " (79 1/2 ")
California king
or King long
No183 cm213 cm72 in84 in
Grand king,
Super king,
Athletic King
or Texas king
No203 cm249 cm80 in98 in

USA & Canada IKEA mattress sizes chart: how to get the right bed frame

This page focuses on mattresses available in Canadian and American shops. Click on the following to see a UKIKEA mattress and bed sizes chart. People looking for a ‘full size’ or ‘king size’ mattress as following the standard conventional Canada and US dimension names should check the following measurements. Its worth noting that these also apply to the futon range. As you will see the IKEA bed sizes come in twin, XL twin, full, king and queen. If you are confused as to what this actually means in terms of measurements have a look at the following table which lays it all out for you.

US IKEA Bed & Mattress Sizes Vs Regular Normal - Standard Twin XL & 3/4 (2)
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Thischart will give you all the US IKEA mattress names and dimensions as well as whether there is a standard US equivalent.

Side by side comparison: what the dimensions look like

To make sure you don’t get the wrong length and width mattress for your bed or wrong size bed for your IKEA bed mattress check out the sizes chart above. A classic mistake on size comparison is the full vs double sized mattress. IKEA double bed mattress is referred to as ‘twin’ and a three quarter mattress from IKEA as ‘full’ To visualise and compare what theylook like alongside each other see the following:

IKEA King Size Bed vs Normal

As you can see from the above the standard bed will accommodate an IKEA king size bed. But the best idea is to look at the specific measurements of your frame or bed platform to get a great fit.

Twin XL Bed Frame & Mattresses From IKEA

If you want to put an IKEA mattress on a twin XL bed frame or buy a twin Xl mattress to fit a twin xl bed frame we will explain the dimensions and issues. A standard twin xl mattress is 99cm in width and 203cm in length. IKEA do not do a frame that will fit this so you will either have a lot of space around the mattress or you will have overhang from the mattress of the side of the bed base. If you are looking for the standard twin excel from IKEA they don’t exist. We shortlisted some of the best that will fit, click on the links below to see them:

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Cot mattresses: standard one size for all

The famous swedish retailer doesindeed sell mattresses for your baby cot which are affordable, comfortable and safe. All meet specific strict safety standards and are machine-washable so that you can easily clean up any accidents you toddler may have had such as urine in on the bed. Crib IKEA mattress sizes are standard across their entire range in the US and are as follows:

Metric measurements:

Length: 52 “
Width: 27 1/2 “

Imperial measurements:

Length: 132 cm
Width: 70 cm

IKEA full size bed mattress: how does it compare?

You may have a bed that you want to put an IKEA full size mattress onor an IKEA mattress that you want to put on it. Either way using an online retailer is the easiest way to get something that fits and delivered to your door for free! Be careful though getting the wrong size will likely mean itwon’tfit. This range will:

The famous scandinavian based retailer sell mattresses that are European sized and different to normal bed proportionssuch as king or IKEAqueen sizes mattress. I have given you the exact measurements but your nearest European size will fit just fine. In fact if you are anywhere in the world from Canada to Hong Kong, Singapore Australia UK you will find that IKEA have standardised their measurementsto European.

How wide is a standard bed?

Again we need to be clear here what dimensions and proportions we are talking about. If you are taking into account the bed frame then that could be anything based on the construction of the bed. The only real way you can do this is by going and measuring it. However if the it has no frame and is using a divan base then the table above will give you the exact width measurements since the bed frame won’t protrude further than the mattress edge.

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As an example have a look at the following image. You can see that the metal frame adds a bit of length on to the bed itself but there are no sides to it so the width is exactly the breadth of the mattress, the height of the mattress doesn’t really matter as your room will accommodate it.

Where to buy one that will fit correctly

Many shops sell IKEA sized mattresses and beds that will fit a normal IKEA mattress. These proportionsare standard within E.U. countries, often referred to as ‘European mattresses’ or ‘continental mattress sizes.’ Likewise if you are buying a bed from the famous Swedish retaileryou can use the chart to compare and check bed proportionsagainst standard frame sizes.

Unique size names and corresponding standard

These arefunny sizes so it’s best to check the dimensions chart before you buy. If you are looking for an alternative retailer many online bed and mattress shops offer products and quite often with free next day delivery. These shops will stock the corresponding dimensionsof all the IKEA brand sizing such as sultan hjelmas, sultan hamnvik, sultan huglo, sultan tafjord, sultan tjome, fjordgard, sultan tårsta. Getting memory foam mattresses is often easier as the shop can cut the foam to order.

Depending on the country you are resident in the IKEA mattress proportionsmay be different to your local. The thickness will depend on each model and also whether a topper is applied.

Buying an IKEA bed frame that fits

Many retailers offer IKEA sized mattresses. Some people go ahead and customise their beds to fit. As you can see from the above chart andmattress measurementsguide, if you have an IKEA bed but a standard UK mattress then they won’t fit exactly. IKEA bed proportions are made to fit the European mattresses not regular UK mattresses, that said some are very close and if you don’t mind it being slightly too small to the frame then you can often get away with it. IKEA also do mattresses for extendable units, you will need to check out the individual size to see if they fit. Go to this page on their website to see the full range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about ikea bed and mattress sizes.

Are IKEA Bed Sizes Different?

IKEA beds are popular because they’re a cheap, attractive option for getting your sleep space decked out in style. IKEA Single and King Size Beds come with different measurements depending on the country of origin; however both sizes can be used interchangeably to suit any need!

IKEA single bed frames measure 200cm x 90 cm while UK singles measure 190×90 – so you’ll get more floor space if you opt for an IKEA EU size bed frame over its traditional British counterpart.


Are IKEA beds the same size as normal beds? ›

IKEA beds are also known as European (EU) Beds and are slightly longer than traditional UK sizes. For example, a UK single bed measures 190cm in length and 90cm in width compared to an EU single bed that measures 200cm in length and 90cm in width. UK and IKEA King Size beds are the only sizes that differ slightly.

What size is a 3/4 bed? ›

Three Quarter Beds are 48" (4ft) wide by 75" (6ft 3'') long (approximately 120 cm wide x 190 cm long) in size. This is a little narrower than a double bed but bigger than a single size bed.

Can I use a regular mattress on an IKEA bed? ›

Can You Put A Regular Mattress On An Ikea Bed Frame? In short, no, you don't want to use a regular mattress on an Ikea bed frame. This is important to know because Ikea mattresses will measure 1 to 3 centimeters different than standard mattresses. Because of this, a standard mattress won't fit an Ikea bed frame.

What are IKEA bed sizes? ›

What is the difference between IKEA bed sizes and Bed Factory sizes?
Super King200180

Do regular twin sheets fit IKEA mattresses? ›

Do regular sheets fit IKEA mattresses? IKEA mattresses are slightly larger than regular mattresses, so while a regular flat sheet and blanket may work fine on them, fitted sheets and mattress protectors might not fit properly as they'll be too small.

Has IKEA changed their bed size? ›

Ikea said sales of bedroom items were particularly strong following its decision to switch its range of mattresses and beds from European dimensions to slightly smaller UK sizes last April.

How many people can a 3/4 bed sleep? ›

So, it is actually an ideal bed for only a single person. However, two average sized people can also sleep on it quite comfortably. If two individuals want to have a three quarter bed for their home, make sure they try the bed together before they make the purchase.

What size bedding fits a 3/4 bed? ›

A 3/4 sized bed is larger than a single but slightly smaller than a standard double. It's worth checking online for 3/4 sized bedding specifically as many stockists now offer this. Otherwise, we would recommend opting for bedding that fits a small to standard double bed.

Is a 3/4 bed a twin bed? ›

A ¾ bed is a small double bed. They are the same length as a standard double bed, but they are narrower. Small double beds are generally used as a stepping stone for children who may have outgrown their single bed, or those who don't have the necessary space for a double bed.

Are all IKEA mattresses the same? ›

We all sleep differently and have difference preferences, which is why IKEA features a variety of different mattresses choices in twin, full, queen or king sizes. Whether spring, latex or foam -- our mattresses are designed to offer comfort and support at affordable prices.

Can you use a regular twin mattress on IKEA daybed? ›

The daybed must be combined with two twin mattresses. They are placed on top of each other when you use the daybed as a single bed, and next to each other when you use it as a double bed. Bed linen sold separately. Two MINNESUND foam mattresses included.

Can you use IKEA bed without slats? ›

Support for your mattress

Most IKEA bed frames come with bed slats, like these shown here. They sit within the bed frame and directly support your mattress. With some bed frames, it's also possible to use a bed base instead of bed slats.

How long do IKEA mattresses take to expand? ›

All of our mattresses can be used immediately, but keep in mind that a packaged mattress only regains its full shape and comfort after approximately 72 hours.

What is a standard size bed? ›

Mattress Sizes and Bed Dimensions (2022)
Twin38″ x 75″
Twin XL38″ x 80″
Full (Double)54″ x 75″
Queen60″ x 80″
6 more rows
17 Oct 2022

What are the 4 sizes of beds? ›

Mattress Size Chart
Twin38" X 75"
Twin XL38" X 80"
Full54" X 74"
Queen60" X 80"
2 more rows

Do regular twin sheets fit XL twin beds? ›

Will Regular Twin Sheets Fit XL? Yes is the final answer to this question. Their measurements are typically 66 inches wide and 96 inches long regarding the regular twin-size sheets. It'll be off some inches but not noticeable if you use the twin sheets for twin XL beds.

Can you use regular twin sheets on twin XL? ›

Will Twin sheets fit on a Twin XL mattress? Twin fitted sheets will not work with a TwinXL mattress as a Twin XL is 5” longer. You wouldn't be able to fit the fitted sheet around the mattress.

Are twin and twin XL fitted sheets the same? ›

You may notice that some manufacturers use the same size sheets for their twin and twin XL flat sheets. If so, you can select either sheet for your twin XL bed. Other companies, however, offer longer sheet sizes for twin XL mattresses that measure up to 102” in length.

How long do IKEA mattresses last? ›

It can damage the springs and materials inside. Even the best mattresses become less comfortable with age, and all mattresses accumulate dust and mites over the years so we recommend that you change your mattress every 8–10 years.

Can you flip IKEA mattresses? ›

Flip over your mattress for durability: Many of our foam and latex mattresses can be flipped and turned over so that they last even longer. This gives one side an opportunity to rest and get its original shape back while you sleep on the other side.

How often should you change your IKEA mattress? ›

Even the best mattresses become less comfortable with age and all mattresses accumulate allergens over the years. So we recommend that you change your mattress every 8–10 years.

Can two adults sleep on a 3/4 bed? ›

Can a 3 quarter bed fit 2 people? Not really, no. The size makes it ideal for one person to sleep on comfortable but if two people sleep on a three quarter bed it becomes too cramped. And as a rule, 3 quarter beds do not have the carrying capacity to support two adults.

Can you put a full mattress on a 3/4 bed? ›

Though a full mattress can fit a ¾ frame, this still may not be enough room for two people to sleep comfortably. We recommend sleeping on a queen or king mattress if you sleep with a partner since these beds provide enough space for each person.

Are single and 3/4 beds the same? ›

A three quarter size bed offers a little more space than a single bed.

Is a 3/4 bed a 4ft bed? ›

This equals to 4 feet wide and 6 feet 3 inches long. A 'small double' (4'0”) bed (also known as a 'Queen' or a 'Three Quarter') is wider than a single bed but smaller in width than a double. It provides plenty of space for one or enough room for two (although two adults may find it a little 'cosy').

Will a single sheet fit a 3 4 bed? ›

Put simply, no.

What is a 3/4 mattress? ›

What size is a 3/4 mattress? Generally, for a three quarter mattress, the dimensions tend to be 48″ x 75″. However, we do on occasion get calls for 48″ x 72″ mattress replacements or other weird sizes and shapes (eg – 48″x75″ with notched out corners for the bed posts).

Which mattress is better spring or foam? ›

Side sleepers, in particular, tend to prefer foam beds, as they often do a better job of conforming to the shape of the body. People who tend to sleep hot at night may wish to opt for a spring mattress. Innerspring beds offer far better airflow, which helps to keep the bed cool at night.

Do all IKEA mattresses come rolled? ›

How are IKEA Mattresses Rolled & Delivered? IKEA, like other 'mattress in a box' companies, are offering to roll their mattresses for delivery. You will often find this with one-sided and entry-level mattresses for two reasons.

What type of mattress is best for back pain? ›

In fact, there is no specific mattress that's best for back pain. Instead, people with back pain should look for mattresses that feel medium-firm—however you define that—because those beds have the best chance of reducing both soreness and stiffness.

Can you use a memory foam mattress on a bed with slats? ›

You can place your memory foam mattress on a slatted platform as long as the slats are no more than 2.75 inches apart. If the slats are too far apart, the mattress can sink between them, causing premature sagging that will reduce the mattress's comfort and support.

How thick should a twin mattress be for a daybed? ›

You do not want your daybed mattress to be too thick, we generally recommend between 8″ and 12″ thick in most cases. The Chill is made with quality high density support foam to provide support for even the heaviest of sleepers.

Can you use slats with memory foam? ›

With a memory foam mattress, it's best to use a slatted or solid mattress foundation. If you go with a slatted foundation, the slats should be no further than 2.75 inches apart. Any further apart and you'll need to buy extra slats or a bunkie board to create a more stable surface for your memory foam mattress.

Is bed with slats better? ›

A slatted bed base is optimal for the best air circulation you can get. It will also help you if your bed base can add some extra springiness to your mattress, and if you can adjust the level of springiness. For this, an adjustable slatted base is best.

Is a base or slats better? ›

Slatted bases are better for softer and thinner mattresses, while solid bases are better for firmer mattresses and heavy people.

Do slats make a bed more comfortable? ›

Many people find bed frames with a slatted base to be more supportive, comfortable, and convenient.

Do you have to wait the full 72 hours for Ikea mattress? ›

Did you know that it can take up to 72 hours for a mattress that's been packed in a roll to resume its actual size and shape? And it also can take your body up to four weeks to adjust and get used to a new mattress. So give it some time when trying out a new mattress.

Do you have to wait 3 days for the mattress to expand? ›

Sometimes it only takes a few hours, but other times it can take up to 48 hours to fully expand. The safe and easy rule we follow is to just eye-ball it. Once your mattress looks fluffy and comfortable, it's safe to sleep on and that's usually on the first night.

Why do I have to leave my mattress for 72 hours? ›

It will need this much time to expand and to fill up with air since, like it was mentioned before, the air is removed from it. Also, off-gassing that may occur as in the case with memory foam mattresses, where the smell may assail your nose.

What is the most common bed size? ›

The most popular mattress size on the market is the queen mattress, which is traditionally used in a master bedroom. At 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, the queen offers plenty of space for couples or individuals who like having extra room to move around in bed.

What size bed is normal for couples? ›

The standard queen mattress measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long and is the most popular mattress size, especially amongst couples.

What is the most common size bed? ›

Queen mattresses measure 60 inches wide by 80 inches long and are the most popular mattress size on the market. This has its advantages: It's easy to find bed frames, sheets, blankets, and mattress protectors that fit a queen mattress.

How wide is a twin XL bed? ›

The Twin XL mattress dimensions (38 inches wide, 80 inches long) are best suited for single sleepers who are over 6 feet tall, or growing children and teens that may exceed 6 feet eventually.

Which is best bed size? ›

As of right now, the most popular mattress size is a queen which measures 60 by 80 inches. It offers ample space for single sleepers and couples, and is more affordable than a king.

Will a UK mattress fit an IKEA bed? ›

IKEA sells beds & mattresses in the UK that are standard within E.U. countries, often referred to as Continental Mattress & Bed sizes. This means that any IKEA double bed/mattress at does not match the exacting dimensions of a UK standard double mattress/bed. This can be said for all continental mattress & bed types.

Are IKEA double beds standard size? ›

Standard double bed size

A standard double bed has a mattress that is 200 cm long and 135 cm wide. It's not the biggest bed size, but still big enough for two people to share the bed space and sleep comfortably.

Are IKEA king size beds standard size? ›

IKEA Bed Mattress Sizes Chart
IKEA Mattress NameStandard UK Mattress EquivalentWidth In Metric
Standard SingleSingle90 cm
Standard DoubleDouble135 cm
Standard KingKing Size150 cm
Standard Super KingSuper King Size180 cm
4 more rows

Does a standard queen mattress fit an IKEA bed frame? ›

If you snagged your queen-size Ikea bed recently, the frame is now built to American sizes and your mattress will fit on the frame like a glove.

How long do IKEA mattresses need to expand? ›

All of our mattresses can be used immediately, but keep in mind that a packaged mattress only regains its full shape and comfort after approximately 72 hours.

Does IKEA carry twin XL? ›

Does IKEA sell XL twin sheets? Yes, IKEA has you covered for all your college bedding needs, including XL twin sheets for standard dorm room beds.

Is an IKEA full the same as a double? ›

As you look for the mattress that's just right, you want to consider every option. This leads many people to wonder, is a full or double bed bigger? This is actually a trick question. Both a full size memory foam mattress and a double mattress have the same bed dimensions— 54” wide by 75” long.

What size king bed do hotels use? ›

King: A king is usually the biggest bed you'll find at a hotel. A king is the same length as a queen — 80 inches — but is 76 inches wide.

What size are the beds at the Standard? ›

Mattress Sizes and Bed Dimensions (2022)
Full (Double)54″ x 75″
Queen60″ x 80″
King76″ x 80″
Split King38″ x 80″ (each mattress)
6 more rows
17 Oct 2022

How do bed sizes go? ›

A typical twin mattress is 75 inches long, while a twin XL is 80 inches long. If an individual is taller than six feet two inches, a twin mattress is probably not for them. Instead, it's best to go with the XL, full, queen, or king bed, all of which can accommodate someone who is up to 6 feet 7 inches.

Can you use an Ikea bed without the slats? ›

Support for your mattress

Most IKEA bed frames come with bed slats, like these shown here. They sit within the bed frame and directly support your mattress. With some bed frames, it's also possible to use a bed base instead of bed slats.

Should mattress be the same size as bed frame? ›

The bed frame dimensions should roughly match the mattress size, mattresses have standard sizes like a twin, full, or king size mattress. The size of a bed frame may have a few inches added to the width and length of a mattress. This can be because of the structure of the frame or to make space for bedding.

Can any mattress go on a platform frame? ›

Platform beds support all mattress types such as foam, latex, and memory foam mattresses. Though innerspring mattresses may be supported by platform beds, they are better paired with box springs. Still, with a little bit of research, it's easy to find some of the best mattresses for a platform bed.


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